What is it about sharing a genuine moment  laughter  that can bring us into the NOW instantly! For that moment we forget everything else, we feel a real connection and warmth  and we are just laughing!

I love this image of the sculpture,( “Le fou rire” by  Mauricette Toussaint )  located in France.  capturing the pure joy of a moment of laughter.

Laughing can help us release tension in both our minds and bodies and make our world feel better if even for a moment. Somebody I know has the ability to make other people laugh just by the way he himself laughs, which is a wonderful infectious gift to have !

A person who makes us laugh  in a real and genuine way is a gift of lightness and warmth in our lives.  Maybe you are that person who makes others laugh with your humour, charisma and playfulness.  If so, it’s a gorgeous gift for others to bear witness to and yet humour can also be used to hide real feelings of sadness and upset held inside.

Maybe spare a special thought of appreciation today for the people in your life who make you laugh and also perhaps for the feelings that they may be carrying inside.  Send a kind and tender wish to the parts of them that they don’t show to the outside world!