This lovely picture was sent to me by my friend who is also a flower essence practitioner.  She (Amely Platen)  is pictured here with the  beautiful well found at a beach of the Baltic Sea.  I was really struck by the natural heart shape full of fresh flowing water being able to wake us up to the rejuvenating, resilience and powerful LOVE energy of our own heart!

When something harsh, hurtful or sad happens to us that feels painful, our first unconscious instinct may be to close down, protect ourselves and sometimes pretend everything is fine.  We can feel numb or just overwhelmed with negative emotions so much so that we loose connection with that lovely kindness, gentleness and tenderness which is always available to us in our own hearts.

Often at times like this a simple practice used with our breath can help us become more aware of the pure energy of love within our hearts inspiring us to look at things from a fresh perspective. Tuning into the warmth of our own ‘soft spot’ allows us to open up to this positive energy  in a very  natural way

Take a few moments to be still with your breath.  Close your eyes. As you breathe in, see the most  nurturing  energy stream entering your heart enabling it to gradually  expand.  As you breathe out,  see the abundant energy stream carry away any feelings you are holding in your heart that feel hard and stuck.

A regular practice of this simple imagery used with your breath will help you  feel a little lighter and fresher and  can be a first step to help you to reconnect to the beautiful and powerful energy of your own heart.