An  unexpected connection or conversation  that happens  as we go about the  daily routine of our lives that reaches inside of us and touches us in some way is a special moment to be savoured.

We feel this connection immediately inside like a warm glow that raises our mood even though it might just be the sharing of a genuine smile, an unspoken wish of goodwill, a funny comment or even  a short conversation. It lifts our hearts in some way!

Recently I was in a group setting and  I was drawn to ask a woman could I join her and her daughter for lunch even though I could have quite happily had lunch alone. What happened then was a wonderful exchange between us. We had a beautiful sharing of something authentic for both of us. It felt real and a lovely connection if even for 15 minutes. I cannot even remember this woman’s name but I do remember her openness and warmth.  Experiencing a real conversation or genuine connection that comes from the inside rather than from our conditioned exterior is a little jewel to be celebrated and the more we have them, the more they seem to occur!.

So maybe today share a little of yourself with someone in a way that might feel a little foolish or risky. Start small and little by little the genuine authentic you gets more used to the light!