I spent a weekend exploring the plant essences of Chalice Well Gardens, a beautiful garden in Glastonbury in England. Part of the weekend was an exercise to choose and make our own flower essence. We had to choose a plant in the garden that we were drawn to.  We had to talk to it and see did it have anything to say!  At first I thought this was a little crazy but with a sense of fun and lightness I set about it!

I was drawn to a beautiful pink rose.

This is what she said to me:

“Thank you for choosing me! Sometimes people don’t notice my beauty as I am
at the end of the garden on the way out! My essence is about beauty, tenderness and unfolding into a softer more gentler version of yourself. My petals are soft and silky with a beautiful scent and so I would like this essence to help you discover and create this delicate sensuous touch in your own life, your home and in your connections. As you know, I am ultimately about LOVE, helping you tune into love at the highest unconditional level  and helping you bring more of this LOVE, JOY and PLEASURE into your life.
Please love, enjoy and have fun with my essence as I love playfulness as well ”

I do hope you can receive this little note of gentle love and tenderness into your heart spoken directly from the heart of the Rose!