I  have started, little by little,  allowing myself do, buy, experience and say things I wouldn’t normally! These conscious small changes in behaviour felt awkward and unfamiliar at first but as I stuck with them, they have brought some marvellous changes to my daily routines.

For example, it was a conscious effort to buy some beautiful roses just for myself, to deliberately walk the long way home to see the full moon, to take the time to share lovely moments full of laughter and humour with friends, neighbours, fellow walkers, customers  etc and to do absolutely nothing for an afternoon.

After a while I found that this new pattern of behaviour brought me a sense of freedom. I felt less constrained, more exuberant, more abundant and no longer needing to rush all the time!   I became more aware of the actual fears and ingrained habits holding me back from these more spontaneous actions that needed to be acknowledged, let go or softened in some way.

These positive experiences inspired me to consciously find little moments like these  in my every day and they began to appear more and more!. Now I see that this state of ALLOWING makes me much more  receptive and trusting of spending more time with the things I enjoy doing and less on the never ending ‘to do’ list.

I also learned that by starting small,  taking it step by step and trying not to be too self critical of long held habits I am allowing more and more playfulness, laughter and connection into my daily life!

What are the ways you can allow a little more lightness and spontaneity into your daily routines? Make a conscious effort and you will be surprised by how some little changes can make a big difference!