Provence Lavender : Why it is so special

 True Lavender and Lavandin

The  Provence region in France is renowned for this beautiful plant.  It has been grown, harvested and distilled in the Provence Region for hundreds of years. There is a ‘savoir faire’ (know how) on lavender that is rooted in generations of families continuing to farm lavender with passion and expertise. The botanical name of True Lavender is called Lavandula Angustifolia

A lavender hybrid plant called Lavandin is also grown here in Provence. This plant has a  much higher commercial production yield and would not have the same therapeutic properties as True Lavender. However it has much in common with it with some similar applications and a gorgeous scent as well. Most of the commercial lavender sachets are made using lavandin.

 Unique Creations from Lavande Rose – Scented Moments of Lavender & More ….

While lavender has excellent pain relieving and healing properties, it is the calming, positive and restorative effects on our emotional and mental wellbeing that inspires me to work with it.  It harmonises and balances our central nervous system. It’s beautiful scent and aroma can uplift our spirits if even for a moment or two. To me, lavender brings beautiful nurturing properties of warmth, tenderness and calm.

I have created a ‘scented suite’ taster pack of three different organic lavender products to bring these special nurturing qualities to your home!  Firstly a little sachet of gourmet lavender to use in the kitchen to enjoy a lavender herbal tea or to use in baking.  Secondly a fragrant mix of lavender flowers, rose scented soap flakes and natural sea salts for your bathroom and thirdly a  handcrafted sachet to promote calm and relaxation in your bedroom.


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Uplifting Lavender Wellness

In 2011, I began to give workshops as part of a  patient wellness and recreation evening  programme in a  psychiatric hospital in Dublin, Ireland  in a voluntary capacity.  I created these  weekly sessions using lavender, music,  movement and reflections.   I  developed and facilitated these over a five year period at the hospital.  They always received very positive feedback and helped me see even more, how helpful  and uplifting it can be to create a sense of connection through scent, movement, relaxation and the breath.

 Nuturing Lavender and Change 

Dealing with any type of changes or transitions sudden or otherwise can bring waves of excitement, uncertainty and fear at times. Lavender can act as a lovely scented reminder to continue to be gentle, patient and nurturing with ourselves during these periods of flux. It can help us be more mindful of our progress, avoid too much mental analysis and generally bring some loving kindness to ourselves.

Sometimes the universe presents the opportunity for change!  For me, a corporate redundancy package at the end of 2014 has given me the opportunity to realise a dream of running my own business that inspires people in some real way. Even with bundles of enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and corporate business experience  I can truthfully say  that it still takes courage and an inner knowing to allow the changes to unfold rather than trying to control them!

How I came to work with Provence Lavender

My love of lavender inspired me to qualify as an aroma therapist back in 2011. I first visited the lavender fields in Provence when they were in full bloom in July 2011 as part of an aromatherapy holiday.  I had always been drawn to the plant and the colour purple but seeing the swathes of the purple flowers spread out over fields and fields was truly an amazing and expansive sight together with a beautiful scent wafting through the air made it a truly memorable experience. Five years later, I am working with it in a real way!