I write the blog posts of Lavande Rose to uplift and inspire you to seek out little moments of wellness and well being to weave through your daily lives

This sense of ‘feeling well in oneself’ or well being has been defined in numerous ways. Yet it feels different for each of us.  For me, it is a living, breathing, moment to moment, daily dynamic that needs to be tended to and looked after. We have much more influence over our own well being than we think. It’s an inside job! Only we can get a felt experience of what this well being feels like for ourselves through our thoughts, feelings and our bodies.

Some days more than others I’m better at nurturing and exploring these little moments for myself. I have noticed that consciously seeking these moments out in a way that means something to me  is both challenging and rewarding.

And therein lies both the mystery and the magic to this unique sense of well being!  We all have to figure out what well being means for each of  us. Only through living through life’s ups and downs and challenges do we come to know out what works for us.  Discovering something that works for you  is in itself a wellness moment!

This is where the inspirations behind Lavande Rose comes in!  Maybe a restful re energising weekend break in Nice, maybe simply enjoying a scented moment of lavender in some way or maybe by reading a post you might find one of these wellness moments!

In all the offerings of Lavande Rose I am hoping you might find something that might give you a smile, an uplifting moment, a flash of insight or an ‘aha moment’ to illuminate an idea that might work as a little magic moment of wellness for you !

The views expressed are my own.

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